To be multi-skilled and versatile in today's world is priceless.

As a media entrepreneur John Gubba's strength is the versatility to create, produce, direct, publish and promote video content - from dynamic promotional films to highly acclaimed sports documentaries

I enjoy the flexibility of being available either as a freelance or for the complete production via my own company.

As a broadcast freelance I give you added value because I am multi-skilled . . . as a reporter, producer-director, voiceover artist, self-shooter and editor. Whatever my role, I always see the bigger picture and that is guaranteed to save you money.

When you commission me to produce your film or viral video, I combine the use of all my skills and facilities with my network of skilled operators to create tailor-made content that is dynamic and relevant.



The power of the written word has always been my biggest asset.

Writing is my first passion and it all began as a local newspaper journalist. Appointed sports editor just 16 months after starting out as a 17-year-old trainee reporter, I have never stopped writing. Blogging I do for pleasure.

My career as a national newspaper journalist includes more than 20 years as a freelance sports writer with the Sunday Mirror. But it is not just sport. I have covered national news - from Royal stories to the Falklands War. One of my best features was about filming with animals.

As a TV journalist I spent a decade writing scripts for the nightly Thames News in London as well as major sports events for ITV. Before that I was a script writer for my own slot on Manchester's Piccadilly Radio.

I am currently writing a book about the media and have other book projects in the pipeline.



Using words, video and stills, I will make you look and sound amazing.

Basically I am a storyteller with the versatility to combine all forms of media, from social to broadcast. In today's world that makes me your ultimate publicist.

A filmmaker who has worked both as a national newspaper journalist and broadcast TV reporter, I have the versatility and experience to guarantee that you will #GetNoticed.

Everyone has a special skill or unique selling point and mine is to make yours visible.

If you would like a media makeover give me a call now on +44 7802 482602 or email

For TV and video production, filming or archive footage go to my production company website.